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At 2inspire International, we believe that great leadership is the cornerstone of any successful organisation.
Our tailor-made programs and workshops are designed to elevate your leadership skills, empowering you and your team to exceed all expectations.

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Today’s business climate

Requires leaders to do more with less, deliver under pressure, manage change and sustain peak performance.

Questioning their effectiveness

The stress of retaining skilled talent, dealing with information overload and inspiring people to do their best has left many leaders questioning their effectiveness.

An easier way to lead

At 2inspire International we believe there is an easier way to lead – and we’d like to help you experience it.

Leadership culture

We partner with organisations and business leaders who are committed to building a performance culture based on exceptional leadership. We call this a performance leadership culture.

Deceptively Simple
Extraordinarily Powerful

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At 2inspire International

We have always prided ourselves on providing highly interactive programs, workshops and coaching. Our focus is on learning, application and integration of leadership skills, techniques and strategies that contribute to building a Performance Leadership Culture.

Meet Our Team

In partnering with you to build your performance leadership culture we provide an experienced team dedicated to your success.

"Working with 2inspire has been a game-changer for myself and my team. 2inspire provided the how to my why. My teams have given consistent positive feedback about the experience of working with 2inspire and we continue to reap the benefits of coaching with a happier, more productive, more empowered workforce."

Developing a Performance Leadership Culture

By building leadership capability to maximise individual, team and organisational performance.

What we believe : Our way of partnering with you to build your performance leadership culture is based on the following beliefs:

Leadership & Performance

There is an undeniable link/alignment between the quality of leadership and the performance of an organisation.

Lead From Within

Every member of an organisation, regardless of role, position or pay grade, has the capacity and responsibility to lead from within their sphere of influence.

Emotional Engagement

Emotional engagement is the foundation for long term behaviour change.

Sustainable Peak Performance

Through performance leadership, every person can contribute to creating the best environment to achieve great satisfaction and inspiration and therefore sustainable peak performance.

Touching hearts, shifting minds, changing behaviour

"This practical and insightful leadership program is transformational.

2inspire International create a fun and inspiring environment centred on accountability and action. Being successful business owners themselves, they understand the real issues businesses face in building a high performance culture.

It was relevant across all areas of my life as a business owner, athlete, husband and father. I went in focused on my business and came out with a new outlook on how to empower others in my life including my kids."

How We Partner with You

2inspire International partners with you by tailoring our programs, strategies and processes to support you to grow individuals, teams and your entire organisation beyond what you imagine is possible.

This growth evolves from every person in the organisation driving the creation, development and maintenance of your performance culture.

Engaging and Empowering

each person to understand, believe and choose to take responsibility for creating their performance culture;


each person to exercise this responsibility through their leadership capability; and


the beliefs, behaviours, capabilities and practices that underpin their performance culture to achieve sustainability.

2inspire offer face to face & fully remote interactive learning experiences

Choosing the format thats right for you and your organisation

Face to Face Learning Experiences

Business Leadership Mentoring Team building activities

2inspire offers a highly interactive series of face to face workshops and coaching that engages each participant in a hands-on approach to taking their leadership and their teams to the next level.

The tools, techniques, strategies and models presented in the program are deceptively simple but extraordinarily powerful.

We provide a safe learning environment where participants can challenge themselves, apply the learnings in real life scenarios, receive in-the-moment feedback, and build a leadership mindset and capability that can be applied in every part of their lives.

These experiences are based on a logical and practical blended-learning process that layers the learning from each area to be readily integrated into each person’s existing capability toolkit.

This process involves the 2inspire 5C’s to achieve real outcomes:

  1. Clarity – demystifying exceptional leadership resulting in the clarity of a meaningful alternative to leading and growing the leader in others (as Robin Sharma states, ‘Clarity precedes Mastery’)
  2. Capability – provides a cohesive suite of practical skills, techniques, tools and strategies that can be applied and integrated into each person’s individual style and approach
  3. Coaching – using transformational processes that result in removing blocks and therefore taking leadership to the next level
  4. Confidence – supporting each person to build consciousness, skill and intention in maintaining the leadership mindset and practices in a sustainable manner
  5. Culture – organically building a Performance Leadership culture where all can lead from where they are in the organization to achieve extraordinary sustainable outcomes

Fully Remote Interactive Learning Experiences

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There has never been a more important time for leaders as they navigate their way through an environment of ongoing change, uncertainty and ambiguity leading themselves, their teams and their organisation.

There is an undeniable need for leaders to think and work in new ways to ensure teams are aligned, engaged, inspired and realising their full potential so as to maximise outcomes and achieve Sustainable Peak Performance.

In response to the current worldwide circumstances, we have transitioned our leadership programs and transformational coaching to a Remote Interactive format that maintains the 2ii superior levels of engagement, interaction and connection whilst building leadership capability and embedding behaviours that will foster a Performance Leadership Culture.

The dynamic processes and leading-edge design are specifically crafted for the virtual environment.

They provide participants with real-time practice and in-the-moment feedback, together with opportunities to challenge themselves and move into the learning zone, that results in long-term behaviour change.

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We will transform your organisational culture so you can attract, retain and maximise the sustainable performance of your people

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