Achieving Sustainable Peak Performance

The LOR Model

There are three major positions from which you can choose to lead. However only one can achieve sustainable peak performance. Leaders all want to achieve this goal however the position they hold consciously or unconsciously will be determined by what we are trying to avoid in our lives.

For instance, a Like Me Leader is a leader who is driven by a fear of not being liked and a fear of conflict. They will quite often avoid having performance conversations that need to occur for performance to improve.

An Obey Me Leader is a leader who needs to control their environment and is driven by a fear of failure. They will be micromanaging at times to avoid this fear.

A Respect Me Leader is driven by maximising performance and growing the leader in others. It is from this position sustainable peak performance can be achieved.

In our programs we help you become conscious of which positions you hold in any situation and how you can maintain a Respect Me Leader position to achieve sustainable peak performance from yourself and others on a daily basis.

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