Elizabeth Born

Managing Partner

I believe everyone is inspiring. I am an enthusiast and a lover of life which allows me to engage with people of all levels and roles within a company. From this place of connection I am able to support individuals and organisations to move outside their comfort zone and truly inspire themselves and those they lead.

One of my passions is to deliver our leading-edge Performance Leadership Program to executives and their teams and be a part of the life changing sustainable results they achieve together. Working with executives to coach, mentor and inspire them and their organisation gives me a sense of the extraordinary difference that can be experienced in one’s work life.

Achieving sustainable peak performance forms the basis of the support and challenge I bring through the partnering relationship with my clients.

I hold a Masters in Educational Studies (majoring in Educational Psychology) in addition to undergraduate qualifications in workplace training and management. Over the past 38 years I have worked in and with public and private sectors across a range of industries such as education, financial services, resources, mining, construction, IT and telecommunications. I am also an IECL Accredited Coach.

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