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Below is just a sample of the 1000+ clients testimonials from around the world who transformed their lives with out Leadership Mentoring

As a leader of teams, knowing what 2inspire can deliver, you can’t wait for that magic moment during their programs. It’s that moment when the lights go on for your staff…when they realise that they are also leaders, personal leaders, in all aspects of their lives, and have always had the power over their own growth and destiny.

At that moment, the responsibility and dynamic shifts from a team looking for all the answers from management, and being dissatisfied that they can’t get them, to a group of leaders all striving together to help grow each other and to deliver high performance.

2inspire expertly and gently deliver this magic in their programs which have proven time and time again that it can lift performance and create a new and enduring positive culture.

2inspire provide the inspiration of personal leadership, a toolbox that all can master and a language that teams can use to keep the flame of growth and positive culture alive.

Having personally used these tools for years and seen the extraordinary impact they have on teams and individuals, I would recommend 2inspire to anyone invested in their people.

Georgine Roodenrys


Deloittes (formerly DES)

The 2inspire team have worked with leaders in my team over many years. During that time, I have seen individuals learn and reflect on the workshops and personalised feedback and transform their leadership style and communications with others to become responsive and authentic leaders.

The program has provided our team with language, tools and permission to call out negative behaviours, making the workplace a more enjoyable and supportive place to work.

I highly recommend the 2inspire program for individuals and teams who genuinely want to work in partnership with skilled professionals to build their leadership capacity and culture.

Linda Dobe

A/Director General


2inspire delivered practical and clear knowledge and tools in a highly passionate and engaging way.
2inspire provided the most useful and engaging culture development strategy ever undertaken by our organization.
Through the work with 2inspire I have seen genuine and lasting growth of leaders and the desired culture change we wanted.
Employee injury incidents down by 75%,
Employee satisfaction increased by 10%
Perception of management skills increased by 25%

Loretta Lynch

Managing Director

Keolis Downer Gold Coast

Working with 2inspire has been a game-changer for myself and my team. 2inspire provided the how to my why. My teams have given consistent positive feedback about the experience of working with 2inspire and we continue to reap the benefits of coaching with a happier, more productive, more empowered workforce.

Brenda Parker

Deputy Director General, Business and Corporate Partnerships

Department of Natural Resaurces, Mines and Energy

2inspire introduced my team members to new ways of thinking about their own personal leadership and taught us a shared language which we are actively using to support each other’s leadership development.

This has had a transformational impact on who we are and how we perform as a team.

Sinead McCarthy

Deputy Director General


This practical and insightful leadership program is transformational.

2inspire International create a fun and inspiring environment centred on accountability and action. Being successful business owners themselves, they understand the real issues businesses face in building a high performance culture.
It was relevant across all areas of my life as a business owner, athlete, husband and father. I went in focused on my business and came out with a new outlook on how to empower others in my life including my kids.

Tim Hobart

Certified Financial Advisor

Taxation Advisor and MD

2inspire International helped me and my new team, work on our team and personal effectiveness during a period of great challenge, mobilising the engineering department of a large public transport system.

Anthea Antonio

Technical Director

Yarra Trams

I have undertaken many leadership courses over the years, and I have to say that the 2 inspire leadership experience has been, by far, the most practical and intuitive leadership learning I have ever experienced. It has completely changed how I think about leadership in my work environment and also how I interact with my family, particularly my young son. It has changed my life.

Leanne Barbeler

Executive Director

Water Markets

I have worked very closely with 2inspire over the years. If a high-performance culture is your objective, start with the team at 2inspire

Paul Simshauser



The idea of coaching was not something that I had thought of doing before but I can see that it is definitely a great way to improve individual and team performance.

Tony Brett

Finance and Customer Services Manager

Lockyer Valley Regional Council

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